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Create Your Unique Wedding Style with Personalized Jewelry

Owner and designer of Style Avenue Studios, Emily creates stunning jewelry for brides and Bridesmaids. She strives to make her brides’ ideal look complete with custom jewelry and Hair accessories. Emily listens to her clients’ desires, then creates the jewelry to add the perfect finishing touch and make them feel like the most beautiful version of themselves. “Every bride deserves a personalized memento from her wedding day. What's better than something she can wear again for every anniversary!” Tips from Emily: 1. Think about your theme. That will help you with all the details that create an amazing wedding. 2. You will have two the ceremony and the reception. Think about both. 3. Ponder your pictures. Jewelry will add interest details to your photos that will live on. 4. Be yourself! To get Emily's free gift Bridal 101 How to Accessorize your Perfect Gown, go here! You can also find Emily on Instagram at @styleavestudios and on Facebook at Style Avenue Studios

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