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Planning Your Big Day with Ease and Joy - Wedding Photography - Capturing the Joy and Essence of You

After graduating from Sacramento State with a degree in Photography and Interior Design, Andrea honed her craft while studying under some of the best wedding photographers in Northern California. Soon thereafter, she opened her own photography business.

Andrea was born in Colombia and moved to the United States when she was 13years old. Colombians are known for their family bonds, warm nature, passion for culture, and creativity. She brings this background into her photography career. She identifies with the bride and groom by knowing the importance of not only getting those “special shots”, but also capturing the essence of each wedding from a photojournalistic perspective. After all, each wedding is a special story that will never be forgotten.

Tips from Andrea:

• When picking your dress, make sure to sit, move around and dance in it before buying to make sure you can move in it. • Hire vendors that you LIKE • Delegate Tasks to friends and family, but get a coordinator for the day of if you can • Don’t forget to eat and drink • Have an emergency Kit • Soak up the Day and take a lot of mental snapshots

You can contact Andrea at

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