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Anticipating Couples' Needs for Less Planning Stress with Napa Wedding Coordinator Sean Dempsey

Since 1989, Sean has played an integral part in Napa Valley’s biggest and most significant events. Over the course of his two decades in the Napa Valley, his name has become synonymous with skillful planning, service excellence and complete client satisfaction.

Sean plans and coordinates weddings at Napa Valley’s most sought after wedding venues including Charles Krug Winery and The Meritage Resort and Vintage Estate. Sean Dempsey and associates specializes in large-scale event planning, destination management services and wedding planning. His clients range from savvy corporate meeting planners, newly engaged brides anticipating their dream wedding, and clients wanting to throw big parties for a great cause. Sean enjoys the diversity and challenges that his work provides and is very passionate about it.

What was covered...

• How do you really dig in to the desires of the couple to help them create their dream wedding?

• Communication is really important to you and I know you like to be super available to your clients, tell us about that

• How do you help the couple to be really confident around their wedding planning, and to instill a sense of calm and trust within them?

• What are a couple things you advise couples to make sure they have/do for their wedding?

Get in touch with Sean Dempsey at

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